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Portable Surface Roughness Measurement

Surftest SJ-410 Series

Product Information

SURFTEST SJ-410 Series is a portable surface roughness tester with rich choice of options providing easier, smoother and more accurate measurement.



  • The Surftest SJ-410 complies with the following standards: JIS (JIS-B0601-2001, JIS-B0601-1994, JIS B0601-1982), VDA, ISO-1997, and ANSI.
  • This portable surface roughness tester is equipped with analysis functionality rivaling that of benchtop surface roughness testers.
  • The height/tilt adjustment unit comes as standard for leveling the drive unit prior to making skidless measurements and, supported by guidance from the unique D.A.T. function, makes it easy to achieve highly accurate alignment.
  • Surface roughness measurement requires a run-up distance before starting the measurement (or retrieving data). When the SJ-410 Series measures, its run-up distance is normally set to 0.5mm. This distance, however, can be shortened to 0.15mm using the narrow part measurement function (starting from the origin point of the drive unit). The function extends the possibility of measurement of narrow locations such as grooves in piston ring / O-ring mounts.
  • The Surftest SJ-410 series has a USB interface, enabling data to be transferred to a spreadsheet or other software. We also provide a program that lets you create inspection record tables using a Microsoft Excel macro.
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