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Portable Surface Roughness Measurement

Surftest SJ-310 Series

Product Information

The Surftest SJ-310 is a compact, portable, easy-to-use surface roughness measurement instrument equipped with extensive measurement and analysis features.



  • The large 5.7-inch color graphic touch-screen LCD provides excellent readability. Furthermore, selecting icons from the touch panel display* provides intuitive and easy operation. The integrated high-speed printer also allows the user to perform the entire process from making measurements to printing the results with the push of a single button (START button).
  • You can make a maximum of 300 statistical measurements using up to three parameters to obtain averages, standard deviations, maximums, minimums, passing rates, and histograms (upper and lower limits can be displayed). This feature is ideal for day-to-day data management.
  • After completing measurement, you can modify the assessment conditions (standard, profile, and parameter) and easily recalculate the results using the new condition.
  • The Surftest SJ-310 Series has a USB interface, enabling setting up of measurement conditions and starting the measurement via PC. We also provide a program that lets you create inspection record tables using a Microsoft Excel macro.
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