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Non-contact Line-Laser Probe


Product Information

SurfaceMeasure is a non-contact laser probe. It quickly acquires data on workpiece surfaces. The obtained data can be helpful in all kinds of processes in development, prototyping, production and inspection. It captures coordinates data from a workpiece by shining a laser on the surface. This method allows ultra-fast data acquisition of 75,000 points/sec*. Non-contact measurement makes it possible to measure elastic bodies such as resin and thin-walled parts which are not suitable for contact measurement.


Dedicated software "MSURF" is a point cloud data processing software capable of performing everything from measurement to analysis. It can be used to perform free-form curved surface evaluation, section evaluation, geometric element extraction, dimension calculation and the like from the point cloud data.


*Applies to SurfaceMeasure 606/610/1010.

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