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CNC Vision Measuring System Equipped with Non-contact Displacement Sensor (Laser Probe)

QV Hybrid Type 1

Product Information

QV HYBRID TYPE1 is a Non-contact Displacement Sensor-equipped CNC Vision Measuring System. This dual system with a non-contact displacement sensor has a scanning function that enables measurement of minute height differences and 3D shapes. The double-pinhole technique is used as the detection method of the displacement sensor. It is less directional compared with the knife-edge and triangulation techniques. The small laser spot with diameter of about 2 μm makes it possible to measure minute shapes.



  • The laser confocal sensor, less affected by the color of the object, can scan surfaces. The sensor scans the object to capture the surface shape data in a non-contact manner.
  • The Point From Focus (PFF) function enables the 3D measurement with multi cross-section images. Scanning the object by auto focusing the objective lens can capture multiple cross-section images (image contrasts) at different heights. Thus obtaining 3D shape data from such images.
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