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LG100 Series

Product Information

Linear Gage LG100 Series is an environment-resistant digital gage. It can be used in-line or in measurement rooms.



  • Precision and accuracy demanded by the automated assembly and inspection markets, are guaranteed.
  • Sliding durability of more than 50 million times*, with protection level of IP67G. Highly oil-resistant material is used in the rubber cap and cable sheath, so it can be used even in harsh environments. 
  • Reference point signal output functions are featured throughout this series. When incorporating into a device, the master setting value is easy to set and is retained after shutdown. Re-setting the origin is possible when there are problems such as excessive speed, ensuring excellent reliability.
  • Data can be output through an industrial interface (CC-Link) by linking a compact counter (EJ counter) with an interface unit. Constant data monitoring and positional management are performed. A USB interface is also provided for easy connection with a computer. 


*10mm range models (Actual value from in-house tests)

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