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Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machine

HM-200 Series

Product Information

HM-200 Series is a Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machines. The latest electromagnetic force motor used in the loading mechanism enables the test force to be freely selected. In addition to Vickers hardness testing, Knoop (HK)* and Fracture toughness (Kc) tests can also be performed.

* For Knoop hardness testing, Knoop indenter (optional) is required.


System A (HM-210A/220A)

All-in-one model with simple color touch-panel operation

System B (HM-210B/220B)

A system equipped with automatic reading function with AVPAK software

System C (HM-210C /220C)

In addition to the functions of System B, System C is equipped with an electric stage

System D (HM-210D/220D)

In addition to the functions of System B and System C, System D is equipped with the auto focus function

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