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Panel Mount, Multi-Function Type with RS-232C Communication Functions

EH Counter

Product Information

EH Counter is a Panel mount, Multi-function Type with RS-232C Communication Functions Counter. 



  • Two types are available for this model: a 1-axis display and a 2-axis display, both of which enable addition or subtraction calculations between two gages. 
  • Multifunctional counter equipped with zero setting, presetting, tolerance judgment. 
  • RS-232C and USB are equipped as standard. Data transfer to a PC is possible. (USB is supported only by Mitutoyo SENSORPAK.) 
  • A multi-point measuring system (max. 20 points and max. 10 units) can easily be configured with the built-in RS Link networking function. 
  • Employs DIN size (144×72 mm) and mount on-panel configuration to facilitate system integration.
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