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Hybrid Measuring Machine for Surface Roughness and Contour Measurement


Product Information

FORMTRACER AVANT Series is a Contour and Surface Roughness Measuring Systems. Just by integrating a detector with a base system comprising FTA-S4C3000/4000 (contour instrument) and FTA-S4S3000 (surface roughness tester), it is possible to upgrade a contour instrument or surface roughness tester to a complex system, from a general-purpose contour instrument to a high-precision contour instrument.



  • FORMTRACER Avant Series boast best-in-class drive speed, such as fast movement of drive unit and column, stroke (retraction) speed-up, etc. To meet the needs of “Speed-up,” on surface roughness measurement, the positioning distance from the start of measurement to the start of data acquisition is reduced to the limit, while on contour measurement, the time from touch-down on a workpiece to the start of measurement is shortened. The total measurement time is drastically reduced to improve measurement efficiency.
  • This system uses a cable-less design allowing measurements without having to worry about snagging unprotected detector cables, while the drive section is an X-axis inclinable drive unit. The inclination range is a wide ±45°, allowing inclined surfaces on of workpieces to be simply measured without using an inclination jig. In addition, the detector can be replaced without turning power off, the guide pin reproduces positioning with high accuracy, and the software supporting the mounted detector starts up automatically. Such outstanding features drastically improve work efficiency.
  • The upper/lower surface continuous measurement feature, performing control of measurement direction and measuring force by double-sided stylus and software, remarkably improves the measurement range. The stylus-drop detection feature immediately stops operation if the stylus suddenly drops, thus preventing damage to the stylus during continuous cut-out measurement without having to rely on a conventional mechanical stop. Other features enable accurate and safe measurements in accordance with the characteristics of a workpiece.
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